Sunday, March 15, 2009


I Wish I Was Smoking A Cigarette!

Actually I wish I was smoking a cigarette and had enough of them to last me the entire month until I get my Adsense money!

I wish I was smoking one of my cigarettes right now! Where is

the law of attraction

when I really NEED it!

Oh well enough of my blabbering!

As you can tell I am quite out of cigarettes! My closest prospect for more money is my Adsense check but I don't expect that until next week - which is a blessing in and of itself because I can at least be grateful that I can expect it next week instead of some time way, way in the future! (Unless some sweet soul decides to donate a couple of dollars to me! -

Of course I am well aware that I have a lot of things to be grateful for! I was watching on the news about people who have been evicted from their homes and that was not a pleasant thing to watch!

I can still be grateful for the fact that I am able to earn some money from working from home! I was also able to get one of those government grants to help pay off some of my heating bill. I also had quite a nice dinner of chicken and rice tonight - a dinner that I can be very grateful for!

It's just that anyone who is a smoker knows smoking cigarettes helps relax you and gets rid of some (or in some cases - a lot of!) stress! I also know that while smoking is addictive you feel like "heck" if you are not able to feed that addiction.

I'm sorry but the lesson that I have learned here is not that I want to quit. Tbe lesson that I have learned is that even though I am out of cigarettes now, as soon as I get some cash I'm going to buy me some more cigarettes!

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Monday, March 02, 2009


Kools - $3.99 A Pack!

Image my surprise when I went to my local store to find out that the Kools were on sale for $3.99! That's the first time I have seen them being sold for under $4! Of course I "snapped" up this deal right away!

Maybe its the economy - I mean everything else has gone down in price - why not cigarettes too?

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